Oil Trading Services

WESTCHASE trades petroleum either directly or through brokers. We maintain long-term and solid connections with international oil majors and top global financial institutions in the sphere of oil trading and risk management.

WESTCHASE has an excellent reputation, solid operational channels, and technological advantages, which enable us to deliver premium crude oil trading to our clients. Our trading performance is built on a strong grasp of both local and worldwide oil markets, as well as our specialist knowledge of petroleum products, grades, pricing structures, locations, needs, and timing accumulated over the years. Being a developing player with connections to refineries all over the world, our strong market position in the sector is bolstered by our low pricing and capacity to satisfy our customers' responsibilities in record time, resulting in even closer partnerships with our big clients.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We manage very complicated engineering, procurement, and construction projects for customers in distant and difficult areas at WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS. We can create solutions that meet the demands of each customer, whether it is a commercial venture or a public project. We focus all of our efforts on the ultimate delivery of our customers' projects, from idea to commissioning to use - the outcome is a high-value facility that matches your business demands.

Our EPC expertise spans the Power, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Marine and Public sectors.

Marine Services

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS is a subsidiary of WESTCHASE GROUP, which offers world-class marine services through our affiliated business. We are a Nigerian organization founded to deliver excellent maritime and logistics services.

WESTCHASE GLOBAL MARINE has a solid track record in the maritime industry and is always striving to improve its service offerings. From blue sea to inland marine, the organization seeks new business prospects.

WESTCHASE GLOBAL MARINE is a partner of Pacific-Gulf Marine of the United States, which is widely considered as one of the world's major ship operating and management organizations. This partnership has put the corporation in a strategic position to operate as a marine operator in Nigeria's coastal and territorial seas.


Supply of Drilling and Marine Equipment

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS LTD is a major operator in the oilfield and marine equipment industries. In Nigeria, we are the agents and distributors of Apache Pressure products.

WESTCHASE is very detail driven and quality sensitive. Our skilled and experienced team will assist you in obtaining the best components and equipment from our vast inventory of high-quality items at shockingly low costs. We constantly endeavor to provide excellent customer service and have huge inventory on hand.

Supply of Refined Petroleum productss

WESTCHASE is fully involved in the Supply of petroleum derivatives such as:

(1). Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)
(2). Automotive Gasoline Oil (AGO)
(3). Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)
(4). Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO)

We provide bulk petroleum productss sales through vessel shipments, coastal bunkering etc. We source our productss principally from overseas and through NNPC/PPMC coastal allocations.

Manpower Services and Supply of Chain Management

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS personnel supply services produce effective judgments that streamline the supply management process by using today's technology and logistical methodologies.

We have a proven track record of guaranteeing timely and correct material receipt by utilizing creative expedition and quality assurance with vendors to reduce receiving delays and mistakes. We improve transportation networks by collaborating with global freight forwarders who have specialized assets.

We also use cutting-edge supply chain technologies to ensure that our clients' supplies are correctly traced during travel and installation.