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WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS LTD is incorporated in Nigeria, and the amount of financial investment allocated to the development of its local infrastructure demonstrates the company's dedication to enhancing and promoting local content.

The requirement to optimize exposure to local markets and restrict reliance on foreign resources for specialized capabilities not available in the local market is critical to WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS's economic competitiveness as well as the social well-being of the local society.

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS will always aim to increase the percentage of Nigerian content in its commercial activities. As a result, we continue to follow a policy of using local workers and developing contractors whenever feasible.

The basic goal of all WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS contracts including Nigerian Content is to maximize expenditure on local labor and supplies while minimizing the risk of not meeting the contractual criteria.

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS LTD understands her obligations in all areas of our business and works hard at all levels of the organization to achieve the highest standards at all times. We continue to reform and implement new HSE policies and processes. As a consequence, we have had almost no injuries or environmental incidents.

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS is highly dedicated to complete quality management procedures, as seen by the speed with which ISO 9001 registration is being processed. We feel that this will boost growth and dedication to a comprehensive and effective quality management system.

WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS is well aware of the Nigerian Federal Government's objective to increase Nigerian Local Content to 90% by 2012. As a result, WESTCHASE OIL AND GAS has devised long-term plans to boost the Nigerian workforce by authorizing and carrying out on-the-job training for primary personnel, contract staff, and community workers participating in any project in which the firm is involved.